We are a group of international musicians based in the Czech Republic and in Holland, who share a common love of both classical and improvisatory traditions. In October 2013, we went into a studio deep in the beautiful Dutch countryside and recorded our debut album: “A Golden Age”. The album features new takes on Russian romantic music of the 19th century and also original compositions of guitarist Kirill Yakovlev.

The main idea of our project is to focus on melody, atmosphere, and color. In our days the melodic aspect of music often neglected. The listener has no chance to remember any song from an album and even musicians hardly recall them. The 19th century is a great source of inspiration for strong melodies and we’re reviving and being inspired by some of those forgotten treasures.

In May 2016 the band went to the studio to record original music written during the two previous years. The new album includes 11 tracks of instrumental Jazz Fusion, World Music, and also hints of Progressive and Ambient or even some East European Folk music at times. 
The album is built around the tales of the days past which immerse the reader in a mythical world. The emphasis is not on technical performance but on the music itself and conceptual approach to composing.
Opposed to the debut record, “Memories Of Heaven” consists solely of original compositions by Kirill Yakovlev. It encompasses a greater range of musical styles and sound influences from Rimsky-Korsakov and Stravinsky to Pink Floyd and King Crimson.

Kirill Yakovlev - guitar
Cyrille Oswald - tenor sax, flute, piano
Taras Volos - double bass, upper bass
Dušan Černák - drums



Hymn to Hyperborea

Endless north... nothing can hide you from winter, except for the hymns «beyond the North Wind». ‘’Neither by ship nor on foot would you find the marvellous road to the assembly of the Hyperboreans.’’
The composition was based on the book “The Rose of the World” by Daniil Andreev.

December 31st

The title of the song speak by itself - it’s the time, when we think of things which happened during the past year.
The music came out in snowy mountains, when I was sum up myself and when I was looking for a new directions.

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