Losers Cirque Company - The Audition

“We’ll call you back!”

A sentence everyone has heard at least once. Today you’re going to hear it again. They will call you back indeed – if you become the chosen one of the applicants armed with fine-tuned CVs who are just getting ready to fight for… for what? Does it even matter?
The winner-to-be now has to hide their true self, their principles, and their self-respect to prove they’re the very best. Or at least fake it until they make it and overcome the rest. Succeeding in the game with no clear rules is not going to be easy. Who is going to show the judges the most delightful cocktail of talent, pretense, and ambition?

Direction:                                            Music:                                                                
Petr Horníček                                              Kirill Yakovlev
Scenario:                                          Costumes:
Matěj Randár, Petr Horníček                  Lucie Červíková
Dramaturgy:                                    Scene:
Matěj Randár                                              Petr Horníček
Choreography:                                 Light Design:
Tomáš Pražák                                             Michael Bláha
Supervision:                                       Sound:
Radim Vizváry                                            Karel Mařik
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